In PA Group’s DNA since our foundation

Reliability and ability to give answers to our customers by giving custom made solutions, deep expertise and a constant research and analysis of customer needs. Our team of experts supports your business in the process of IT innovation providing high performance, scalability and security to maximize applications and resources and integration with existing on-premise systems.


We operate in the ICT, banking and insurance sectors since 1998

We offer extensive custom-made software development services for all leading platforms (Mainframe, Open Source, SAP, Oracle …). As System Integrator experts, we are able to support you in all IT project levels, from customer needs analysis to the fulfillment of technical projects.


Our solutions in 1,000 municipalities

Thanks to the synergy with other IT organizations, we support your company to find the best solutions for your information technology and communication challenges, delivering high level of standards for over 10 years. We offer a flexible and competent organization, we are a non-traditional supplier. We are a technological partners able to understand and deal with any need within your company. We focus on delivering the highest value to our customers by providing innovative and customized IT solutions.


Our solutions in 1,000 municipalities

Ten years of collaboration with Local Public Sector allowed us to strengthen our expertise in the eGovernment sector. Our team of experts supports the Public Sector entities in the process of switching over to digitalising administrative procedures, services and accounting thanks to integrated solutions and services, streamlining of basic solutions and a constant innovation.